My name is Per. I’m an artist trapped in an engineer’s body. And vice versa. Here’s some of the stuff I’ve made.


A kaleidoscope camera app for iOS. Try it out for free!

Slussen plan C

Dystopian octopus goodness. Posters available in the shop!




Gut variations

Slussen plan C




Blob studies

Paper foldables


About me

Stuffmatic is a name that I, Per Gantelius, call myself when creating stuff for money and for fun. I'm a freelance developer with a background in computational mathematics, sound engineering and game development who enjoys achieving beauty through nerdy means. Real time audio and 3D graphics are among my specialties. Apart from the technical side of things, I also care about aesthetics. And I like stuff that works.

Lately, I've mainly been doing mobile development, but platforms come and go and I'm used to learning whatever is needed to get the job done. Clients include Teenage Engineering, The Impossible Project and Moodelizer.

I live in Stockholm, Sweden and I'm always on the lookout for interesting projects and nice people doing cool stuff. Are you looking for a developer? Or just want to get nerdy over a cup of coffee? Don't hesitate to drop me a line!

per [at] stuffmatic [dot] com